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"I really enjoyed the concept, certainly different and a more relaxed way to meet new people." Jane - Auditel

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Measuring our Social Impact

As a Social Enterprise it is important for us to measure the impact your business has with the projects that we support, this is also a major factor for your business and your Corporate Social Responsibility. Read More

This data is updated after each event so that you can see the difference you make through attending our networking events.

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"Today was amazing and I think your networking concept is an absolute gem of an idea" - Barry - Scrutton Bland


Business Networking is all about connecting with other businesses in the right way. We have taken an entirely refreshing approach to networking than you have tried before - one which not only helps local businesses, but the community too! This appeals to any size businesses because it is an event that is more relaxed and as far away from normal business networking as you can get, but it is a much better way to connect that creates positive results for you, your business, your Corporate Social Responsibility & your community. People that work together naturally talk and connect together. After introductions you will be involved in supporting the community project by carrying out the completion of a small hands-on task together with other local businesses, that will make a big difference to the beneficiaries. Our proven format will help you in building trusting, honest, valuable connections whilst supporting local community projects, social enterprises, CIC's and charities. No membership fee's & No pressure just pure honest people that feel that giving back in a small way makes a great start to the day. ​Take a look at the benefits to your business HERE

Don't just take our word for it, come and roll up your sleeves at our next event HERE.


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Some roll up their sleeves, some roll their eyes and some don't roll up at all!