I Roll Up My Sleeves

Ethical Business Networking

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  • increasing your customer base 
  • experiencing a more natural environment to build trusting business relationships
  • expanding your local connections
  • fulfilling your Corporate Social Responsibility Policy by supporting your local community
  • effectively raising your company profile in the local business community
  • getting high rewards that are cost effective
  • not being put under pressure for referrals, just businesses doing business
  • creating long lasting relationships that are built whilst making a real difference in the community

Corporate Social Responsibility that helps you grow your business.

‘I Roll Up My Sleeves’ is a new start-up Social Enterprise that was set up in Suffolk and managed by myself, founder Glenn Hoddy and my partner Amy Graham. The mission of our enterprise is to inspire local businesses to engage more with local community projects in an alternative way to how they normally would, whilst supporting them in growing their business. We call it Ethical Business Networking

Business Networking Events that really can grow your business

and support your local community by...