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Our Alternative Business Networking approach has recently been tried out first-hand by Scrutton Bland staff. Charity Insurance executive Barry Davis and senior partner Tim Mulley have both been along to events organised by I Roll Up my Sleeves. “I needed to have the experience to ‘get it’,” says Tim. “The conversation was much more natural than at other networking events, and the whole experience works really well. It’s a great way to give something back.” Scrutton Bland is increasingly involved with the charity sector and also take a proactive view of its corporate responsibility.  As a result we have decided to sponsor I Roll Up My Sleeves to help them develop further.

To become a member is really easy, book one of our Networking Events HERE then as soon as you have attended the event your free 12 Month membership is active. Each Event costs Just £10.00

We have taken an entirely different approach to Business Networking - one which not only helps local businesses, but the community too! this appeals to businesses because it is an event that is more relaxed and as far away from normal networking as you can get, but a much better way to connect. You are in a more sociable environment talking to other like-minded business people. I am sure as a local business, you are aware of your responsibilities to be seen to support clearly and effectively within your local community, but what are the benefits to you and your business by coming and Rolling Up Your Sleeves?

  • No Joining Fee - it's Free
  • We are refreshingly different to all the other Networking Events 
  • A real way to tick your Corporate Social Responsibility box
  • Show your customers and team your involvement in your local community
  • Get introduced to new business contacts
  • Network with like minded businesses
  • Raise your brand awareness
  • Entry into our business directory
  • MoMM - Meet Our Members Monday - Weekly Tweet about you
  • Great Positive PR for you and your business
  • No restrictions or extra's to network at all of our venues in any County
  • Pay for your events as you wish to attend
  • Support more than one organisation

Membership - It's free to join our Alternative Business Networking Social Enterprise!

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