Social Impact Points 

So what are Social Impact Points? As a business we believe that your Impact though our Business Networking Events should be rewarded. So we want to shout out about the impact that you and your business is having and give you some extra exposure. We are already able to measure our Collaborative Corporate Social Impact (Which you can see here) and from this we have devised a points system. The businesses with the most points will be updated weekly on the table opposite, and the business in the number one spot will be promoted on our Home Page and social media platforms.

So how do you earn points?

  • 40 Points for attending a Business Networking Event
  • 50 Points per month for being our Main Sponsor
  • 40 Points per month for being a Venue Main Page Supporter
  • 40 Points per month for being a Event Main Page Supporter
  • 25 Points per month for being a Member Page Supporter
  • 20 Points per month for supporting a Venue
  • 20 Points per month for supporting an Event
  • ​20 Points per month for being a Home Page Supporter
  • 10 points per month for being a Prime Member

Find out how you can easily become any of the above.

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Impact Points Leader Board 2017

Updated Monday 6th March 2017

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